1 February 2014

 1st of February is World Hijab Day. And this is My Story How I Started To Wear Hijab

Mrs.Mwanaidi Ali (mammy)
I started wearing my hijab in 2011, was Ramadan time and by so far it has been the most liberating thing I’ve ever done in my life. I have been on both sides of the coin. As a woman who was born and raised in a “modern society”  like all Tanzanian Muslim, religion was always a key in my family, but I was wear hijab only in religion ceremony like wedding or mawlid etc.

After Married in 2009 I was trying to wear it and fun things it was my hubby who always tell me when I wear hijab I look more beautiful and decent women. When ramadan end I had enough time to think for myself why I wear hijab in Ramadan only and not all the time!? I started push myself to the limit to wear Hijab wherever I go out.

Nowdays I can't even go out without wearing it and I am not filling comfortable without it. Hijab become the part of my life and it gives me courage and understand who I am what is my purpose in this world.

Mrs.mwanaidi Ali(mammy)

I used to dress like the most women dressed in the city, I grew up in Dar es salaam city in Tanzania. I thought I look up to date with fashion, but I come to realized that I was stepping backward with foolish slogan “FREEDOM” but freedom without discipline is chaos.
I came to discover that, Hijab frees women from being thought of as sexual objects of desire or from being valued for their looks, or body shape rather then their minds and intellect. No longer slaves to consumerism, hijab liberates me from the need to conform to unrealistic stereotypes and images dictated by the media.

Wearing hijab have expressed that dressing modestly and covering my hair, minimises sexual harassment in the many area, where they are mixing of difference genders.

With mayor of Fingal Cllr Kieran Dennison

I know some families or cultures women are forced to wear hijab but this is not the norm.  The Qur'an clearly states that there is no compulsion in religion (Q 2:256).  Women who choose to wear hijab do not make the decision lightly.  In fact many women testify that they faced great animosity from their Muslim or non-Muslim families when they decided to cover.  Across the globe there are numerous instances of women having to defend their right to wear the hijab.

But I needed to remember and to constantly remind myself that the hijab should not just be seen as a cloth I put on my head. It is a symbol of modesty, that it is not just about my attire; it extends to my whole demeanor. I don’t and have never thought that a woman’s faith to her one true God was attributed to her dressing, but I realize now the joy and the true freedom the hijab gives me. The hijab protects us more than anything else and I’m much happier wearing it than I was before.

World hijab day is excellent idea because most women are committed to it. We love it and we do it for Allah SWT. It is a commitment to our faith, to our creator, our cherisher, our Lord.
                             The new Executive committee/officers of Fingal Ethnic Network

It is well known that we Muslim woman is a creature of modesty. Allah loves us to be shielded by our Hijab. It is our outer protection from the decadence of this life.

Nobody is oppressing us and the world needs to see that we do not need “rescuing” or “freeing”. That’s why this cause is fantastic and I support it a 100% and it will help non-Muslim women see how exactly we feel behind this veil that we choose to wear. As Muslim women I realize that this cloth is not merely a cloth; it means so much more to us and hopefully will push other women towards bettering themselves, In sha Allah (if God wills)

Founder Tmark-turn and Jiko langu Blog
Mrs.Mwanaidi Mohamed Ali (Mammy).


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