23 October 2012

Sarah had three moles removed last week
But before you worry, it looks like she will be fine.
Sarah had three moles removed from her back last week which have the potential to be cancerous.
She will find out this week if she is at risk and if she does have the disease doctors will discuss what to do next.
It just goes to remind us how important it is to protect our skin in the sun.
However, things look extremely hopeful as Sarah had the moles removed at just the right time.
Sarah at the Girls Aloud press conference.
Sarah underwent the procedure to have the moles removed last Wednesday just two days before the Girls Aloud reunion press conference.
A friend told The Sun: "This is an incredibly stressful time for her."
"It's early days and the doctors are very positive — but the word 'cancer' is terrifying to hear and Sarah is naturally stressing about it."
Some fans were suggesting that Sarah didn't seem overly excited about the reunion, and perhaps with this on her mind, it's understandable why.
"The girls have told her not to stress because she'll only run herself down and make herself sick."
It's been a rough year for Sarah who has already been in and out of rehab after suffering an addiction to sleeping pills and alcohol.
We just hope she can put this whole scare behind her ASAP.



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