25 November 2012

Comedian AY Makun got his daughter Michelle singing controversial actress Tonto Dike’s song ‘Get high’ and uploaded the video on YouTube two days ago, but the singer/actress is not finding it funny.
Tonto couldn’t hold back on her disappointment for the video and quickly tweeted this:

It may be a case of Tonto feeling insecured that as a new music artiste, her song is being tampered with when a lot of people may not have heard it just yet, or she may just be angry that AY is attempting to use his daughter create a buzz for himself.
But for whatever reason it may be, do you think Tonto’s reaction is right or just a bit overboard?
hiki ndio kipande Mchekeshaji AY alichomrekodi mtoto wake Michelle kilichomkera Tonto Dikeh

I think Tonto you may not understand free marketing. As he shares how adorable his daughter is and she is so sweet you get more people hearing your song. You are to much of a legend for that. KEEP SMILING and keep the msuic flowing.


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