30 April 2012

Ruth Rose — a grandad of four who used to be called James — will become the oldest person in Britain to have the procedure.
She told The Sun yesterday how she has dreamed of being a woman from the age of nine.
But it is only now — nearly 70 years on and after a successful flying career — that she plans to go ahead.
Six-foot tall Ruth, of Newhaven, East Sussex, said: “It’s gorgeous to be who I am at long last.
“My life has blossomed beyond all recognition since I made the decision.”
The dad of three, who will be 79 next month, decided to live fully as a woman in public two years ago. Despite her age, doctors have scheduled the surgery for October next year — after she turns 80 — at London’s Charing Cross Hospital. In the meantime, she is being treated with NHS-prescribed hormone therapy.
Ruth said of the op: “I just want to get on with it. I’m old enough not to bother about sex - that’s not my motive. The modern climate is one of understanding and tolerance so you don’t have to pretend you are something you’re not.”
Ruth was born as James in Hertfordshire in May 1933 and went on to board at public school Gresham’s in Norfolk, playing full-back for the rugby second team. But she said: “I knew femininity was within me. I’d find little bits of clothing to dress in.”
James was accepted for a flying commission as a navigator at RAF Hornchurch in 1956, aged 23.
He wed in 1961, had a son and two daughters — and later worked as engineer. But from the 1970s James began to spend more time as Ruth, dressing as a woman.
She said: “My wife found out, which was embarrassing, but from that point I was very open about it.”
The couple divorced in 2003 after 42 years of marriage but are still close.
Ruth, a keen naturist, said: “My heart and blood pressure are in good condition so I am going ahead with this transformation. The doctors have said I am not too old.”



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