5 February 2012

Angelina Jolie's life sure is a roller coaster these days.
 anyway, Just yesterday, she was headed to rehab after a heroin relapse, having withered away to 99 pounds.
And she have Pregnant with twins! Again!
Whenever Angelina and Brad Pitt appear together, there's a tenderness and joy in their shared glances - and it has nothing to do with his Oscar nod for Moneyball.
Now, for the second time this month, has reported that Angelina is pregnant. This time, it's OK! doing the honors, and she's expecting twin boys! OMG

"They were both  over joyed at how quickly Angie became pregnant this time," says a confidante. "They said that it showed that this pregnancy was 'meant to be.'"
Just imagine if she actually were pregnant.
But when Angie's latest ultrasound revealed there were two heartbeats,well they couldn't believe it: "They were totally shocked," says the source. We'll bet!
Either way, "They are struggling to keep it a secret. They are totally excited and buzzing, but have only spilled the good news to close friends and family."


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