7 December 2012

kulia ni mwigizaji Yvonne Nelson aliporwa mwanaume na Tonto Dike

It all suddenly began when Afro-pop singer Iyanya who Yvonne Nelson has openly professed her affection for, and even went ahead to say she wouldn’t hesitate if he asked of her hand for marriage, jumped ship and began dating Tonto Dike instead after a few months dating Yvonne. This didn’t sit well with Yvonne and couldn’t hide her feeling by spilling it all out on twitter;

Yvonne Nelson kulia akiwa na mwanaume alinyang'anywa na bi shost Tonto

hivi ndio alivyo tweet  yvonne 
But moment’s after the string of tweets, Tonto jumped in with an apology and urged Yvonne to move on as there are other opportunities to meet someone ahead;



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