3 February 2012

Whats on at FAFA 2012A glamorous event which brings together some of Africa's top fashion designers.

FAFA , Festival for Fashion and Arts, organises Fashion for Peace which is focused on bringing together established and emerging African fashion magnates from across the continent. The anticipated 4th edition will be held in Nairobi in May 2012. Fashion is the ultimate expression of all that is beautiful, creative and glamorous and FAFA is a great opportunity for Africa's promising fashion brands to connect with key contibutors of the global fashion industry.
Whats on at FAFA 2012

NSPCC annual review & report

Participating Designers are Anna Adero,Bella Matata,Betty Vanetti,John Kavete,KooRoo,KikoRomeo,Lalesso,Monica Kanari,Moo Cow,Palvika Rathod,Pathe'O,Paul-Herve Elisabeth,Sally Karago,Tribe .
These top African Designers around the continent are joined by kenyan designers


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