21 January 2014

 7DAYS January 21, 2014
 A woman who tortured two maids and forced them to drink Dettol has been jailed for 15 years.

 The 45-year-old Emirati woman was sentenced at Dubai Court of First Instance yesterday. The torture was so bad that one of the Filipina women eventually died.

 The housewife would beat the housemaids with bars and ordered them to take off their clothes so that she could take naked photos of them. The surviving maid, who is 29, said she lived with the woman and her husband at their villa in Al Rashidiya.

 “They were only serving me a piece of bread and water and cup of tea for the whole day,” she said. “I couldn’t even make food for myself as she used to lock the kitchen. She started treating me badly and slapped me, then started kicking me and hitting me with a bar.”

 The maid added: “Once she claimed that I hadn’t cleaned the bathroom properly and she forced me to drink a small cup of detergent and Dettol. She kept beating me until I drank it.”

 About a month later, the second maid started working for the couple. She was also abused by the wife, who would lock the two women in their room and watch them on a camera. The maid said on one occasion her co-worker was hungry and started searching in the rubbish for food.

 The defendant spotted her, beat her up and didn’t give her anything to eat for five days. “After that she only gave her onion, salt, sugar and water, but I gave her some of my food,” the maid said. “She was so skinny and she was unconscious after the assault. She was seriously injured and they didn’t treat her.”

 The maid died a few days later and paramedics reported the matter to the police. A medical report said she weighed just 37kg. The defendant’s husband was jailed for three years for aiding and abetting his wife. — feeling sad


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