11 December 2014

Yesterday was a wonderful night for me and all member of Balbriggan women's development group and Balbriggan integration forum for Betsy Sam to recognised as a community person of the year 2014
The Balbriggan community liason council honoured her as the Balbriggan community person.
Betsy work as a volunteer of her community,the member founder of Balbriggan integration forum and the first chair person of the integration forum,board member of the braken educate together national school as long as PR of the Balbriggan women's development group

My self I call her mom for my big reason.... And for me knowing her and work with her it's just like I win lotto.
We'll done Maa you deserve it and let me tell you.. You make me proud yesterday and I can't promise you but i will work hard to make you proud too,cause yesterday you just remainding me why always you want me to make you proud,
Let me start working with that's and I will try my very very best to make you proud.

Betsy Sam and madam mayor and one staff from council
Balbriggan integration forum members and madam mayor
        Sara duku and Betsy Sam 


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