26 November 2012

 Tonto Dike is known to be one crazy actress who doesn’t give a hoot about the way anyone thinks about her lifestyle. Having started as a drunk and chain smoker from her early stage, this beautiful, though, crazy like a bee, actress will never cease to dazzle her fans.
Recently on a red carpet, she boldly displayed her tattoo to the admiration of all and sundry. And just a couple of days ago reacted quite furiously at comedian AY for allowing his daughter to create a remix rendition of her song which she wasn’t so proud of.
For an actress who has been in the movie industry for a while now, Tonto, a supposed to be mirror for the emerging generation, doesn’t see herself in that light as she responds to every issue with less diplomacy and thought of the consequences that may result of it.
With such challenges and fierceness of character, can she truly be a mentor to the coming ones who look up to her likes?



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