9 February 2012

Prince Harry has made us feel very proud this morning, as not only was the royal a prize-winning student on his Apache helicopter course, he's also expected to return to the front line in Afghanistan
Captain Wales, as Harry is known, was awarded the best co-pilot gunner prize on his 'Conversion to Role' training course, where he learnt how to use the weapons on the Apache helicopter gunship.
Our crush on the red head just increased ten-fold. We do love a man in uniform *sighs*
Prince Harry standing in front of his Apache Helicopter last year.
After training for several months in Suffolk, Harry is then expected to return to the front line to support troops who will target Taliban commanders and bomb-makers in Helmand later this year
Sources told Sky News Prince Harry's family, particularly Prince Charles, had been "uncomfortable" about Harry being an Apache pilot on missions where he might have to take human life.
Prince Harry in uniform with Prince Charles last March
However, it is thought that Harry insisted he wanted to take a combat role and told his dad that he had ordered aircraft to bomb Taliban positions causing casualties back in 2007.
Harry, we salute you and all our brave troops.


  1. Well done Harry. Doesn't surprise me at all; he is very adept on the back of a horse and the same quick reflexes and tuned accuracy must help with flying too!

  2. Angekuwa "mutoto" wa "rahisi" wetuuuuuuuu.
    Asingetimuliwa hata vumbi la helikopta.
    Hongera Harry



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