22 February 2013

My name is Peter, I’m 42 years old i work in an oil company, i was given 26million Naira cash late evening (after the close of bank)for a contract. I never knew it was a set up. My manager set me up so that i will be killed and the money recovered for him.

When i was sleeping something came to my mind and i left to the toilet to ease myself, as i was in the toilet i heard my wife shouting ‘he is not at home and he didn’t sleep here today, please have mercy, i beg’.

Then i pick up my phone and called the police from the toilet and my house was surrounded by the police men, the armed robbers beat my wife until she told them where the money is.

Then they ran outside with the money, and they ran into the police. They were shot three where dead and one was taken to the police station.They confessed that my manager sent them to kill me and bring back the money. My people do you see how God helped me? Now my manager is in jail.

Prayer: I decree that every evil plan of the enemies against your life and that of your family members shall return back to the sender, it will backfire and boomerang.Again, anyone planning your downfall and death shall be exposed and disgraced. Armed robbers shall never see because you have a covenant with long life.

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