25 November 2012

 Director - Tanzania Trade Centre, London - Mr. Yusuf Kashangwa (right) received an award for Devotion & dedication to serve his nation. His department the Trade Centre has received an award for Distinguished services and resources to Diplomacy. Apart from those other Tanzania's who were honoured on the night included Blogger Issa Michuzi for his Distinguished services and resources to diplomacy, Mr. Ramadhani Dau for his distinguished services and resources to Diplomacy, NSSF Tanzania was also recocnised for their cooperate social responsibility &  Sir Andy Chande who was honoured with a Life achievement award.
 Ayoub Mzee Founder of the BENTV Diplomatic Awards 
 Ayoub Mzee receiving an Award from Israel  Embassy
 BEN TV Founder Alister Soyode presenting the awards
Burundi Bwachu 
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